Saturday, January 24, 2009

I love this guys voice

Let me just get it out of the way. The following comments would not pass the scrutiny of Gay or Not Gay? on The Ticket's, Bad Radio show. They would consider what I am about to write, gay (as on the show, this has nothing to do with sexual orientation, but something that "real men" shouldn't say/do).

I have a favorite singer. It's a guy. In fact, I really don't like to listen to women sing. I heard him sing for the first time on one of the music award shows and thought his voice was really unique right off the bat. At the time I heard him, I was still very anti pop-country but had gotten into Americana and some Bluegrass. The dude just has a really smooth, deep voice that is more versatile than most other baritones of his range - not the typical nasally country star voice. There are some guys who are beginning to copy him now that he's been nominated for best vocalist a few times, though he hasn't won yet.

So, if you haven't heard much of Josh Turner, I recommend him. I should also mention that my wife thinks he's hot. Here are some of his tunes:

Josh Turner, Your Man

Josh Turner, Would You Go With Me

Monday, January 19, 2009

Something's wrong with this picture.

Don't get me wrong. I love Dallas, but as a worldwide destination ahead of the likes of Rome?... I'm not so sure. That's where a recent listing placed Dallas, Texas - as a destination to visit in 2009, a New York Times listing no less. Dallas is number 17 of 44, ahead of places like Rome, South Africa, Egypt, and France. Think I've gone mad? Just look here:

Dallas is under respected in my estimation - mostly due to the cowboy stereotypes that are way off the mark- but I don't know if I would go as far as the New York Times.

I'm especially surprised by the high ranking given by the NYT after George W. chose Dallas as his new home...starting in just a few days. You'd think they'd damn the city for that.

On the other hand, I've never really felt quite as much at home as I did in our little Oak Cliff (Dallas) maybe there just is something to Dallas. It seems like the city council is working together better than ever before. And Uptown has been a huge success, providing Dallas with a much needed make over. As I drive in to work every day I get the best view of Dallas on a Trinity River bridge and can't help but admire how many cranes are bringing up new buildings and how much the skyline has grown over the last 5 years.

So, maybe Dallas is beginning to get some of the credit it's due. Way to go Dallas!

But I still refuse to live there in protest for losing the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Defining Cultural Moment

One of my fondest childhood memories was loading up on a cold January morning to head on over to the Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. It was about a 45 minute drive over to Ft. Worth, the gateway to the West, as they call it.

Most people don't really think of me as someone who would appreciate the rodeo but those who know me best know that I was indeed a proud member of FFA for part of my High School career. The Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is the second largest in the country, second only to the stock show and rodeo in that city way south of here called Houston. The Ft. Worth rodeo claims to be the first indoor rodeo in the world.
This was a long standing tradition and defining cultural event that my daughters haven't experienced yet but will for the first time on January 31. I did take Lily to the stock yards a couple of years back to enjoy all of the animals when Jade was a wee little one, but she didn't get to experience the excitement of the rodeo. Everyone should experience a rodeo. Nothing can beat the non-stop excitement of bronc riding, barrel racing, men being trampled, chuck wagon races, steer wrestling, calf roping, lasso tricks, and the all important bull riding that includes some very brave clowns. The entertainment is so engaging, I don’t expect my 18 month old to want out of my lap the entire rodeo--something for which even a movie can't boast...
Here’s what you can expect at a stock show and rodeo besides the rodeo:
-cowboy hat makin’
-beautiful animals--lots of 'em
-petting zoos
-lots of family fun
I had dreams of Lily and Jade barrel racing one day, until I learned that a horse owner will spend an average of $250,000 over a horse's life time.

Rodeo 101 -