Sunday, August 24, 2008

Similarities Between Abortion and Slavery

I've been gripped lately by the modern atrocity called abortion. I had these thoughts as I was driving home one day this week. I'm sure that someone else has already made these connections but I found them insightful.

Similarity #1: They aren't really human!
During the days of slavery in the United States (and still around the world today), slaves were thought of as something less than human. Most commonly they were considered property on the level of a cow or horse to be used for the financial benefit of their owner. This was the only way that someone could justify the practice. Similarly, abortion advocates do not consider babies human. Babies are just embryos and not fully human yet. Somehow, exiting a mother’s womb makes all the difference in the world in becoming a human...or does it?

Similarity #2: The majority of Americans are uncomfortable with the practice.
Even in the South there are estimates that less than 25% of whites owned 1 slave. That means that 75% of whites owned n0 slaves. Were they still for slavery even though they themselves didn’t own a slave? Most of them probably, many for reasons listed in similarity #3. Views were different in the North and West. The nation as a whole had long grown weary of the practice and elected Abraham Lincoln, an abolitionist, in 1860. Today, more Americans oppose the practice of abortion than support it, yet it continues. It continues because it is so woven into our psyche that 1) babies are less than human and 2) there is nothing the average American can do about it...sounds like America between 1840 & 1861.

Similarity #3: The practice is promoted on the backs of the poor.
To be Southern in the pre-Civil War South pretty much meant you were poor. The industrial North had all of the money, almost literally. The abuses of the wealthy North on the poor South are well documented. Look it up. The only hope, as Southerners saw it was through a particular political party that they thought gave them a "voice" in government. It just so happened that this political party was also pro-slavery. That didn't matter to most Southerners, because that was the only party that looked after Southern interests. How else would they feed their families? Without their protection, the South would suffer even greater at the hands of wealthy Northerners. Sound familiar? Today, poor Americans are disproportionately more likely to have an abortion and more likely to vote for the political party that is disproportionately pro-abortion (or pro-choice as they say it). After all, that is the only party that gives them a "voice". Without them, they would be overrun. They NEED that party's protection.

Similarity #4: The U.S. Supreme Court
Yes, in the famous Dred Scott case, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that slaves are indeed property and it is a constitutional right to own property, which is why the constitution had to be amended (13, 14, & 15) before slavery could end. Similarly, Row vs. Wade ruled that abortion is constitutional.

Similarity #5: The Democratic Party
Enough said.

I leave you with this: