Friday, September 11, 2009

Why soccer is not loved in America

It's about time for a new post and here's what's on my mind. Soccer. Soccer is on my mind. What a great sport. I have a theory as to why Americans don't like soccer.

I played baseball one season when I was 7 and was bored the entire time. That was heartbreaking for my baseball loving dad. He tried soccer on me next and I never looked back. I loved soccer because it was non-stop action. I wanted to run. I didn't want to sit in a dugout half the game and the other half in the outfield hoping that a ball would come my way. I remember catching fireflies half the time. Soccer on the other hand meant non-stop action at the moment of kick-off. If you kick the ball away it is sure to come back your way within a minute at the most.

I think it's that non-stop action that hurts soccer in the US. Some people say it's the low scoring. I disagree. The problem with soccer is that the constant action makes it bad for t.v. There's no time for replays and analysis. I love to watch football on t.v. because there are so many breaks where the tricks of t.v. can entertain me (thanks to the great Tex Schramm). But have you ever watched a football game live, in person? BORING! I can hardly pay attention with all the stops in play. There are about 3 seconds of action for every 1 minute of huddle/get ready for the next play. The same is true for baseball. In fact, I have a phobia that one day I'm going to get pegged in the head by a fowl ball because I can't pay attention at games. If you've ever been to a soccer game live, the experience is totally different. The non-stop action that soccer provides make it a great sport to watch live...and play...but that breathless action does not always translate well with the America loving medium of t.v. In fact, I will admit that soccer is probably as equally boring to watch on t.v. as football and baseball are to watch in person. As long as that fact remains, Soccer will probably always struggle in America.

If you ever have a chance to watch a game in person, you should give it a chance.

P.S. The same principles apply to hockey...another great sport to watch in person but probably not the most exciting t.v.