Friday, July 17, 2009

10 Years

Dear Kerry,

It’s been a fast 10 years. You always imagine how you will feel at the poignant moments in life and sometimes you don’t imagine correctly. This is how I feel on this 10th Anniversary – We are just getting started! If I have my way, we aren’t anywhere near halfway through this marriage that God has blessed us with. If I have my way, we will one day be celebrating our 50th in old, wrinkly skin and hopefully a little more like our good Lord, who has blessed us more than we deserve. In honor of our 10th Anniversary, here are 10 things I love about you most.

10. You are great with my family and my family loves you...for the same reasons I will list here. ..

9. You are as smart as a whip...which can make our arguments a little challenging but still something I love about you. I want my daughters to have a smart mom.

8. You are an idealist. You want a family that loves and enjoys life together in the purest of ways.

7. You love people. I love the example you set for our children as you interact with people everywhere you go.

6. You are great company. It’s such a relief that we enjoy many of the same things (except movies). From old houses to plays - all those things we used to do together and will someday again...

5. You give me lots to laugh at. Bone-o for Bono...shall I go on?

4. You are growing more beautiful with age.

3. You are a fabulous mother. Our girls adore you and they should. Sometimes I’m in awe watching you deny yourself.

2. You have made me a better man. If it weren’t for you I would be a hippie somewhere. You love me and push me to strive for more than I might settle.

1. You are growing in Christ. I love watching the Lord work in your life.

Looking forward to many more,