Saturday, July 11, 2009

What A Weekend Should Look Like

This is wonderful. A Saturday with nothing to do. The past three weekends have been jam packed with activities. This weekend, other than a Saturday morning training for my job, we have no other obligations. I was home by noon and came home a little early yesterday to make up for the time.

Right now....Kerry is asleep. Jade is asleep. Lily is watching a movie. I just paid some bills but that's the only urgent task we have this weekend. Ah! It feels good. Lily and I may get the oil changed in my truck after her movie. We may go to Wal-Mart to spend my birthday money. She may go upstairs to act out the movie she just watched. I may take a nap myself.

That's just it, there's nothing we have to do urgently. Oh, there are things to do, but no order in which to do them. No schedule. No list to check off. Do a little here. Do a little there. But do it as you feel like it...instead of in a mad dash.

That's what weekends should be about. I MAY even skip mowing this of the benefits of no grass and the hot Texas sun taking its tole on the weeds.